Dienstag, 03.11.2015

The Erasmus Experience

I might have told you about our class Multimedia Communication. What is fun about it, that actually we have to do a lot of practice like our travel blog "tripntravels" and now our task is to make a website about whatever we want. We chose to make a Website about going on Erasmus: The Erasmus Experience. Here you learn about going on Erasmus, get tips and tricks, places to go, what to do and a couple of Quizzes for fun. The most fun for us though, was making our videos. 

One Quiiz is about what type of Erasmus student are you, so to make the results a bit more funny we created this short sample :) 

Furthermore you´ll find videos of us introducing ourselves on the website, too.

Here´s me and my friends: 

Julia from Germany. 

Suzan from the Netherlands: 

Cata from Argentina

Paige from Canada:

And me: 

Have fun!