Sonntag, 12.02.2017

Byebye Auslandsblog

Ich habe mich entschieden, meine Blogdomain zu wechseln. Alles über meine Reisen lest ihr jetzt auf:




Wir sehen uns dort ;) 

Montag, 07.12.2015

What I will miss...

I just ate a delicious Spanish tomato and thought: man, I will miss having these delicious veggies and fruit....it sounds ridiculous but it´s true. Most of the fresh things you get here is way way better than at home. So miy number one of things I´ll miss are:

1. Tomatoes! Yes, Spain is famous for them :D 

2. Fresh fruit throughout the whole year.

3. Chino´s- theshop´s for everything.

4. all the good cheap wine.

5. running around a beautiful old ruin.

6. allthough everyone said Pamplonas weather was shit, we´ve been sooo lucky so I´ll miss  the sun and the warmth.

7. our huge living room and its view

8. the beautiful old town

9. speaking other languages all the time

10. meeting people from everywhere

11. the cheap and delicious goat cheese

12. the short walk to uni

13. the crepes place & beatrice

14. my all time favorite café Teteria de Manueta.

15. spanish fashion.

16. and this is the most importan. ALL my new friends- see you soon in my or your country <3

Montag, 07.12.2015

My last weekend in Pamplona

Time has been flying and now I find myself going home this week.. My last weekend here was great. After my Spanish exam on Friday we saw the exhibition of a photo class which Julia and Tina took and these photos were really great. See it yourself: 

By Martina Wadensdorfer

Tina´s photo...

By Julia Renke

And Julia´s. :) 

At night you already know - we had these amazing vegetarian burgers and a grumpy waiter. 

On Saturday afternoon we went into town and got a piercing - well first of all we waited 1 hour for it and found ouselves in a closed tattoo-piercing shop with dolls in glasses (scaaaary). And then we got our "friendship.Pamplonapiercings". Hurt a bit and was bleeding a bit . Well, for Jade it was not only a bit. However, we still explored the Christmas market which is not really christmassy at all but rather a market for christmas presents. And a market for delicious and expensive Olives sold by a flirty Spanish guy that obviously was happy to serve 4 girls. No Glühwein to see though. 

We were gonna grab a crepes buuuut the crepes store was crowded as so we avoided waiting for an hour and got some monday food: wok 2 walk and the best limonade ever.

Originally, we were meant to go out, then everyone was tired and then we ended up at a pres next door with hating neighbours, a lot of drinking games and such nice people I wished I´d have met earlier. 

The Sunday was about packing and home time. I´m really worried I bought to many things here my backpack can´t fit anything more and I´m glad I got that extra suitcase...elt´s see if it´s light enough and not more than 20 kg..... While pressing stuff into it I watched the best Chrismtas show ever: 

After, Nick came over to bake the naughtiest Desert ever: Cookie pie. It´s sooooo hard having it and having to wait to eat it until the next day. But it´s still in the fridge waiting to be eaten tonight. After the musthave tea with Mia, Val, Sara and I watched another Christmas movie: the polar Express and soon it was time for bed. 

Before Melancholy is  getting me: Hasta luego y que te pases bien. 

Samstag, 05.12.2015

Spanish relaxation

Today I had a waxing appointment at 10am. I went there yesterday to make it. Today at 10am - no waxing lady. So I watched the hairdresser cutting hair and a little girl playing and screaming when it was her turn to get a haircut. 10.20am the waxing lady showed up. "Oh, it was at 10? not at 11?" Nope.

"Oh, I was sitting in the  café having a coffee with my friend.". I guess I´ll kind of miss this easy relxaed people. 

Samstag, 05.12.2015

Veggie heaven

Last week we´ve already been to la Urbana and discovered their amazing veggie menu. So we had to return and try it. So we did. Not only did we finallly meet not creepy Spanish guys, but also found a bar with amazing jazz/swing music and delicious veggie burger.

"I can´t decide what to take". This was the first time in Spain I would have said that cause usually my choices are restricted to max. 1-2 vegetarian dishes, if at all. But here they had sooooo many veggie burgers. So Jade was an angel and we shared two burger: Nori & Quinoa. Why did we discover this just before I leave? 

The waiter must have been annoyed by us though. round about 16 not fluent Spanishspeakers being not Spanish enough to understand him being slow and wanting so much fooood. :D Sorry for that, bro :) 

Dienstag, 01.12.2015

Uni is over - Sinjaro

Classes are done. No more asignaturas because today was our last Spanish lesson. Such a weird feeling. Only exams left. 

Instead of stuying we decided we deserved a break and went to the cinema for the first time. What did we watch? Sinjaro - Mockinjay Part 2. Katniss, Peeta & Gale. Surprisingly we understood a lot (maybe books and previous movies helped). But my advice go and see it yourself. Ill only say that much: I got scared a few times, good tension, hot Liam Hemsworth and a  good ut unfitting end for the story. 

Sonntag, 29.11.2015

Saturday in town

Yesterday we found the coolest hipstery place in Pamplona. La Urbana. A really nice bar which Jette told me of. So we went to a little flea market there. Not only were there young cool people, but great music, nice clothes, delicious dulce de leche sweets and the nicest atmosphere ever.

fancy trashcans yuuuummmm

Afterwards we wanted to see the Christmas markets but surprise they did siesta. Actually, we could have known Spanish people well enough for that. 

Julia´s friends Jenny and Sophie are over so the four of us went to Café iruna (all the cute teashops did siesta,too :( ) had a nice pintxo and tea before it was time to go home and rest before partyiiing :) 



Frohen Ersten Advent euch allen!! Mama hat schon schön dekoriert :) 

Donnerstag, 26.11.2015

Black Friday

We were craving a shopping spree so what´s better for that than black friday, when everything is 20% cheaper, shopping mallls are crowded, the lines are the longest, busses are packed? 

Donnerstag, 26.11.2015

Thanksgiving the second

After my first Thanksgiving the Canadian way, we also had to make the Americans happy. Especially to Corwin this meant sooo much so we tried to make it as American as possible. 

We more or less cooked all day(as well as that was possible with hungovers) , tried to make the flat look nice, looked for recipies and were excited. Beforehands Mia and Corwin had tried to explain Thanksgiving to us which kind of led to a battle of the Thanksgivings. 

Around 9 at night people came over (way later than the normal Thanksgiving) but yes, even Erasmus students have classes. Corwin made his first chicken which apparently was delicious, we had mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, salad, green bean casserole, Saras fab puff pastry, crackers, cheese, Avocado, Soy-gravy,.....and then the desert. Cynthias famous pie plus Jads chocolate balloons most of which fell out of the window. 

Thankful for...Que aprovecheDelicious :)   

Everyone said what they were thankful for and it was just so cosy and cuddly, the wine was delicious and we even had a special guest: The Marketing prof - maybe I should say he´s more or less our age, apparently a super brain and actually really nice. AND he went out clubbing with us :D Because even if we all were full of food and had several food babybellies we decided it was time to go out and dance macarena on the benches :) 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you :) 


P.S. I am so thankful for everyone I love, for being able to be here and having such a great time :) 

Mittwoch, 25.11.2015

The Erasmus Experience on stage

A few weeks ago, I told you about our project for uni: The Erasmus Experience. Paige, Julia, Cata, Suz and I created a website for future Erasmus students that helps them prepare their very own stay. Since it was a uni project we had to present it.  And this is how we did:

I think Cata did an amazing job with this video! And even if we didn´t get the teachers chocolates for the best project - we got Paige´s chocholate chip cookies:D  

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